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Please reach out to admin@quikfo.com with any questions not answered here!

What is Quikfo?

Quikfo can be thought of as data collection, packaging, and delivery.
Quikfo has a robust system which collects tons of data from all across the internet. Quikfo then aims to package this data into more digestible conclusions for users like you. Once these packages are created then we're able to look at each user and send them packages relevant to their unique interests. Quikfo is currently only in BETA, so our formally packaged data offerings are limited -- our flagship data package is our 'Bullish Sentiment Indicators' package. We break down our collected data using machine-learning to identify which words most frequently occur among news prior to bull runs, then we find which companies are currently showing this identified bullish diction. We hope to offer significantly more formal data packages in the future -- in the meantime you can also let us know your 'custom interests', or makeshift packages that aren't as formatted or easily digestible, but could still be significantly useful to a user nonetheless. What's great about this system is that we'll be able to see what the most popular custom interests are, and in that, we'll know what data packages to really dig into next in order to provide the most utility for our user base.

What's an 'interest' or 'data package'?

As discussed above, 'interests' can be thought of as packages for data that are delivered to users. We take boundless amounts of raw data, more than a person could conceivably read through and understand, and derive from it easy to understand conclusions. These conclusions are what we deliver to users in order to help streamline their research.

What's a 'custom interest'?

We can't cover all the bases, especially not with Quikfo being so early in development. To help cast a wider net we allow users to enter in 'custom interests' which are effectively words which interest them for which we don't have relevant formally put together interests. Custom interests can be any number of things: entering 'oil' will likely get you information relevant to oil futures and pricing, entering 'elon musk' could keep you up to date with his shenanigans, entering 'upgraded' will get you information on companies being upgraded by analysts. We'll be monitoring the most popular custom interests to help guide development, so let your voice be heard by entering in some custom interests that speak to you and the direction which you believe our project should follow!

About the Team

Quikfo is currently being developed by:

Tech Description

Quikfo is comprised of systems which collect data, micro-services which analyze and classify the data, and scripts which format and deliver the data. With humble roots, Quikfo began as a project running on old laptops in a college house. Quikfo is currently in talks with Marist College in order to get access to the most sophisticated systems on the market with which to run our services.