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Because understanding sentiment yields smarter investments

Built from the ground up

Quikfo was built in-house from the ground up. This entirely unique method of analysis is only available to our subscribers.

Learning and Improving

Quikfo is constantly learning from markets and improving on its own algorithms. Let machine-learning work for you.

Clean and Refreshing

Quikfo handles the terabytes of data. Relax as you receive useful info in clean, readable emails straight to your inbox.

Integrate Your Application

Want to leverage Quikfo's API in your business or project? Let us know.

Incredible Performance

Quikfo's pick accuracy is over 65% (that's really good, by the way). Quikfo's 2018 YTD portolfio return is over 60% as of June.

Responsive Support

Have questions, comments, concerns, complaints, criticism, or compliments? Perfect! Let us know.

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A better understanding of day to day price movements and their underlying causes.
That's what you can expect to gain from using Quikfo.

Sit back and relax as complicated internet-wide sentiment analysis is done across thousands of companies -- only to be delivered to your inbox in a simple paragraph synopsis.

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How It All Works

Because who wouldn't want to know?


Like any system employing machine-learning, our first step is data collection. A lot of data collection.


Wouldn't it be cool if you could look at millions of articles and social media posts and find patterns between those and market movements? Well, look no further, because that's exactly what Quikfo does.


Using these patterns our system can look at any company's news and social media data for today and give you its most likely incoming price movement.


Luckily, markets provide us with instant true/false positive data so that Quikfo can quickly refine itself and learn from mistakes. For what's next, simply head back to the Collection section.

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Terms and Conditions

Quikfo does not offer investment advice. It analyzes market sentiment and how the sentiment may impact price. No one at Quikfo is licensed to sell investment advice and will never pretend to be. If you purchase a Quikfo subscription then you are purchasing access to its sentiment analysis WITHOUT expectations of monetary gain. Quikfo's picks are companies showing sentiment patterns and that is all; there is no guarantee that a pick's stock will go up or down in value.